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There will be 3 Preconference Institutes (Full day).


Get a glimpse into the American School of Bombay's world of learning with technology. We open our classrooms to share the work we do every day with our students. Witness and experience technology-enriched classroom teaching and learning.


Work with education technology leaders across several strands of tech integration and emerging technologies. Strands: Digital Storytelling, Project-Based Learning, Play and Games-Based Learning...


Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit

Present a Workshop

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Consilience is pleased to run the Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit again ...


We invite YOU to share your work and ideas with everyone by presenting at the conference. Come and share how you or your school are transforming teaching and learning...




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High Ability Learners Collaborative

Join education leaders in developing and articulating a vision for a technology-enriched learning environment...


Registration for ASB Un-Plugged 2018 is open. Registration will close on November 30, 2017.


The first meeting of the High Ability/Gifted and Talented Learners Collaborative will take place during ASB Un-Plugged...

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