Tech Leadership

We use a distributed technology leadership model for fostering a climate that supports the realization of our technology vision. These are the various tech leadership teams at ASB.

Ed Tech Team

This team works with students and teaching staff to provide direct support for the integration of technology in the classroom teaching/learning process. Team's members include: Tech teachers, Tech coordinators, Tech director

Student Tech Crew (STC)

This team is a group of Middle and High School students who are passionate about the rapidly evolving field of technology. The STC is a part of the IT Department and their goal is to promote and support efficient, independent, and responsible use of technology at ASB.

Tech Support Team

This team ensures that our infrastructure and tech support operations work efficiently and seamlessly. Anytime anywhere teaching/learning would not be possible without the careful and intelligent deployment and management of our technologies and resources by this team. Team's members include: Senior IT Manager, Infrastructure Manager, Helpdesk Team Leader, Website & Portal Administrator, Data Integrity Analyst

Tech Leadership Team (TLT)

This team strategizes, guides, and facilitates the use of technology at ASB. It works with the Technology Department to determine ASB’s technology needs and priorities, develop ASB's Tech Integration Plan, monitor and evaluate the plan's implementation, discuss and develop tech use guidelines and policies, and become familiar with emerging educational technology research, trends, and developments, and their impact on ASB. Team's members: student, staff and parent representatives

ES Tech Integration Group (TIG)

The TIG guides the implementaion of the tech integration vision for the elementary school. The group explores and shares tech integration ideas and resources, and identifies tech professional development needs. Team's members: Grade level and special area representatives, ES Tech Facilitator, ES Tech Coordinator, ES Principal, Tech Director

Leadership Team

Led by the Superintendent, this team works collaboratively to realize the tech integration vision and models a culture of high expectations and high support. Team's members: Superintendent, Principals, Tech Director, Director of Finance/Operations, Director of Special Projects

Board of Trustees

ASB's Board of Trustees supports the use and integration of innovative technologies in the classroom to provide students with the skills they need to thrive and survive in the 21st century. The Academic Committee of the Board works with the Leadership Team to review and support the implementation of ASB's technology plan. Academic Committee members: Board of Trustees representatives, Superintendent, Principals, Tech Director


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