Pre-Conference Institutes

Pre Institutes – February 22, 2012

There will be three Pre conference Institutes (Full day)

Demystifying the 21st Century School

This Institute will be presented by Simon Jeynes of ISM (Independent School Management) in partnership with the American School of Bombay. Through a combination of presentations, discussions, and creative brainstorming, this Institute will explore the application of current research about 21st Century schools. It will also use 21st Century Success Predictors to help you imagine a future for your school.

Teaching the iGeneration

Renowned researcher, Dr. Larry Rosen, highlights the generational similarities and differences between the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, the Net Generation, and the iGeneration. Through activities and discussions, he will share how we should rewire education to take the iGen lifestyle and transfer it into the classroom.

Robotics using Lego MindStorms: Multiple Facets of Teaching and Learning

Robotics using Lego MindStorms, as a part of the curriculum or a standalone program, provides an integrated platform to teach core concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering Design, and Math. The simplicity of the NXT and its range of capabilities allows students ages 9+ differentiated learning possibilities. Furthermore participating in a Lego Robotics competitions, or using Lego to model prototypes for Science fairs allows for a deep and wide experience of problems solving and strategic thinking. This preconference is presented by Ms. Asha Sundararajan, a Lego Robotics’ enthusiast and teacher of structured robotics. Structured to engage both novice and practitioners alike, a series of hands-on exploration robot building and programming activities will draw connections to the core STEM concepts. The workshop will provide an introduction to Mindstorms NXT, curriculum projects and activities, assessment tools, and insights to establishing a progressive robotics curriculum and to participate in robotics competitions.


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