ASB Un-Plugged 2012 Schedule

  • Wednesday, Feb 22 - Pre conference institute

  • Thursday, Feb 23 -- This will be a regular ASB school day. 
    ASB Un-Plugged will be focused on Classroom Visits and sharing student work through student-lead Subject Showcases.

    Flat Classroom Workshop will run as a parallel strand from Thursday until the end of the event on Saturday.

  • Friday, Feb 24 -- Hands-on Institutes led by the presenters; Teacher workshops, Job-Alike sessions.

  • Saturday, Feb 25 -- Hands-on Institutes led by the presenters, Teacher workshops, Job-Alike sessions.
  • Sunday, Feb 26 and Monday, Feb 27 - Post conference Institute
    (Fees for Post conference Institute - Rs.22,000 per participant)


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