Grade 1 Teacher, ASB

Agnes Franklin has been an elementary teacher at ASB for four years. Before that she taught and lived in many locations including Kuwait, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Kenya. Technology has been an important part of almost every school, but the degree of expectation and resources at ASB are awesome. Agnes is a true digital immigrant but because of the support provided by the administration, IT staff and colleagues she is a believer that technology is a powerful tool for expanding the way that teachers, parents and mostly children approach learning.
MS Language Arts Teacher, ASB

This is Amy’s second year teaching Middle School Language Arts at ASB. Prior to her time in India, she taught for four years in Turkey and three years in Texas. As a teacher who used to beg for more computer lab time for her LA projects, she has been thrilled to be part of the 1:1 laptop program at ASB. Amy loves the challenge of infusing relevant technology into the daily learning environment.
Middle School Principal, ASB

Andrew has been at ASB since 2005. Previously, he has worked as an educator in Tokyo, Oregon, Iowa, New York, and Niger, West Africa. Despite his traditional pen and paper degrees in history, English, and political-economic geography, he believes that information technologies have the potential to democratize classrooms, schools, organizations, and societies. IT provides a powerful tool kit for all educators in the 21st century. His belief in technology as a transformative force is exceeded only by his faith in sound people-to-people processes to make the world a better place for all.
Middle/High School Librarian, ASB

Ann Krembs has been working at ASB for four years and internationally for eleven years. Technology guides her instruction with students in addition to being an excellent form of communication with friends and family around the world. While information today may still be found in print, the majority of information seekers find what they need to know through a computer. She believes that being information literate and guiding students towards information literacy are a rewarding experience as innovative information technologies never cease to amaze the user.
HS Science Teacher, ASB

Anna has been teaching at ASB since 2000. She was part of the pilot year of the tablet program in 2003. Throughout her time at ASB, she has taught High School Science classes and thoroughly enjoys integrating technology into teaching. She loves technology so much, that she cannot envisage teaching without it!
Middle School Science Teacher, ASB

Bill Hoffmann is in his second year as a Middle School Science teacher at ASB. He is enjoying the challenges and rewards that come with infusing technology into the lives of our students. He also enjoys playing the world’s favorite game (indoor soccer), running, biking, and playing bluegrass music....not all at the same time.
MS Language Arts, Teacher, ASB

Carol Alter does not have feet – those are ASB roots you see extending from her ankles. Carol has been associated with ASB for more years than she cares to remember (a real DyKnow-saur) and has taught Elementary/Middle/High School Language Arts, ESL, History/Social Studies and grades 3-12 in her career. Part of ASB’s pilot laptop program in 2000, she will use virtually any technology known to man to enrich her students’ learning – even if it takes her a while to master it! (Which it often does!) Carol adores teaching, would have to be cannon-balled out of the classroom, and considers it a special blessing to be able to teach at ASB.
High School Principal, ASB

Devin Pratt left Texas for a two year international school experience in West Africa, eighteen years ago. The realization of the rich learning environments, committed professionals and strong educational opportunities in international settings, has led Devin to a variety of valuable professional experiences in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Sub Continent. Devin believes educators have always faced the challenge of preparing students for an unpredictable future; technology and a rapid increase in human understanding present teachers today with even more uncertainty regarding the future their charges will face. The fast pace changes we are experiencing foreshadow a need for students to be strong problem solvers. Technology offers many tools that will assist us in meeting those challenges. We have a responsibility to explore the potential of these technologies to ensure that our students are prepared for their futures.
HS Math Teacher, ASB

Diana has been teaching high school mathematics at ASB for five years. During her tenure at the school she has been exploring ways of incorporating technology into her math lessons. She uses Geometer Sketchpad to enable students to develop theorems, applets to explore mathematical concepts and Dyknow to present her classes. Diana looks forward to sharing her expertise with other teachers.
Middle/High School Technology Coordinator, ASB

Dianna’s experiences as a tech coordinator in ASB’s tablet program for the past three years and her prior experience in desktop programs have instilled in her a strong belief in the power of 1-to-1 programs and their positive impact on students’ learning experiences. She has been involved in Technology Integration planning and helping teachers integrate meaningful technology and their subject curricula. She is excited about ASB students’ involvement in ASB Un-Plugged and hopes that the attendees will see how our students are demonstrating 21st century skills.
Elementary School Librarian, ASB

Heeru Bhojwani has been at the American School of Bombay for eight years. Previous to being a librarian, Heeru taught in Mumbai and Taiwan. As the elementary school librarian, she is enjoying the expansion of the literary world through technology and the opportunities this provides to the students. Heeru will share how the traditional world of paper and the digital world integrate in ASB’s world.
MS Math Teacher, ASB

Holly Hoskins is in her first year as a Middle School math teacher at ASB. She taught 7th grade math at The International School Nido de Aguilas in Santiago, Chile for six years prior to moving to Bombay. Integrating technology into the curriculum has been a constant motivator and challenge since she began her Masters of Education in technology and curriculum four years ago. She believes that true technology integration can have tremendous benefits on student learning and achievement and seeks to make it a part of her classes daily to motivate, engage, interact, and challenge her students.
MS/HS French & Spanish Teacher, ASB

Jacques is a middle and high school French and Spanish teacher, teaching all levels from beginner through advanced (and including IB). He was born in France, but has lived in the US, Canada, Europe, and now Asia. He spends any extra time (and money) traveling the globe. Prior to joining ASB in August of 2007, Jacques taught foreign languages at an international school in Texas. Jacques feels as if he were born with a computer for a twin; as a consequence, technology plays an essential role in his daily life, both personal and professional.
High School Math Teacher, ASB

Jason Roy has been teaching high school mathematics for ten years, seven in NH and three here at ASB. A product of international education, Jason attended schools in Morocco and Korea with his parents who are also international educators. Jason is never far from his laptop and loves figuring out engaging and meaningful ways to integrate technology into his lessons.
Elementary School Principal, ASB

Joe Atherton has been a school leader for the past 18 years. He is no stranger to leading technology innovation in the classroom. He implemented a laptop program in Canada in 2000-2001 and has continued to enhance, accelerate and transform learning at ASB using technological innovation.
Programmer, Author, ASB Board member

John has written a dozen books on Microsoft technologies. His hobby is the expansion of STAMP microcontroller studies in secondary school curricula. His efforts have included class instruction for MS and HS, after-school activities, summer courses and train-the-trainer seminars in both Asia and North America. His current goal is to create a community of microcontroller students and faculty throughout the international schools of the world.
Director of Finance and Operations, ASB

Joy has been with ASB for over a decade. He spent his formative years in the corporate world. He has experienced many initiatives that the school has undertaken including the Anywhere Anytime learning, an experience that has grown from an idea to its present form. He has enjoyed overcoming the many challenges that came our way as we implemented our program.
Middle School Humanities Teacher, ASB

This is Katie's second year at ASB teaching Middle School Social Studies after teaching in the California public schools for ten years. Participating in ASB's laptop program has helped cement her interest in using technology in education. Booking time in the computer lab is blessedly a thing of the past! She is most interested in finding the best uses and practices for using technology in the Social Studies curriculum. Katie loves collaborating with colleagues and infusing students with the ability to connect with the past through their fingertips!
Grade 1 Teacher, ASB

As an educator of young children, Kay has enjoyed collaborating with her colleagues at ASB for the past three years. Having lived abroad for 16 years, Kay experiences a slight amnesia when it comes to technology and innovations in her teaching practice. She often wonders, “How did we ever do this before?” When not composing a novel on her cell phone, she enjoys learning new ways of using technology from the real experts - children.
Grade 5 Teacher, ASB

Kevin Krembs is in his fourth year as an elementary classroom teacher at the American School of Bombay. He believes that access to technology is a valuable resource for students of all ages. If used correctly and appropriately, technology can greatly enhance and accelerate student learning. Communities with access to sufficient technology need to be ready to take risks, inquire, and adapt to the ever changing world.
Senior IT Manager, ASB

Mario joined ASB in 2005 after spending six years in the Aviation industry. He has adapted well to the education environment and is continually amazed with the Technology being used at ASB. He loves to deliver clear, value-added results, and enjoys playing an important role in integrating and enhancing technology use at ASB for all levels. If you see him on campus sitting around dreaming, it means everything is working well and Mario is conjuring up the next magical step in his ‘Matrix World’.
Middle/High School Foreign Language Teacher, ASB

Oanh has been teaching French for the last fourteen years at ASB. She was part of the pilot year of the tablet program in 2003, and now loves technology so much that she cannot imagine her world without it!
Grade 2 Teacher, ASB

Pam has taught every grade Kindergarten to Grade 5 and has been teaching elementary school for over twenty years. This is her third year at ASB and would be glad to be able to share some of the ways she uses technology in the primary years.
Superintendent, ASB

Paul Fochtman has been at ASB since 2004. He has also served as an administrator at AES-New Delhi, in Michigan and Guam. Paul has led schools under his charge to embrace change and innovation. He believes that technology plays a critical role in acquisition of 21st century skills. He sees change in teacher/student collaboration and in the teaching/learning process as the only way to survive and thrive in this age of speed and innovation. He believes administrators have an important task in helping educators and school communities transition smoothly from traditional learning environments to new learning environments that support innovation and collaboration. At ASB Un-Plugged, Paul will present a workshop on Planning and Managing Change and facilitate “A Conversation About Technology Integration” session.
HS Math Teacher, ASB

Raji has been working at ASB since 2004. She has been teaching high school as well as middle school. She has the diverse experience of teaching math, science and technology. She believes that technology should be an important part of the lesson planning process to include all learners.
Associate Principal, MS/HS Technology Teacher, ASB

Robyn joined ASB in 2003 and was part of the technology team that implemented our 6-12 laptop program. Through the years she has taught middle school & high school technology classes and played a key role in staff development and writing technology curriculum. Robyn is presenting a workshop on One-to-One Classroom Management Strategies in MS/HS and is looking forward to sharing her many tricks of the trade.
Grade 4 Teacher, ASB

This is Sandy’s seventh year teaching at ASB, and she is currently teaching grade four. Having been here for so long Sandy has seen the growth of ASB’s technology integration from the pilot program with one grade level to the full school integration. She never ceases to be amazed at the varied ways teachers are enhancing their classroom learning. Sandy admires her colleagues’ willingness to experiment with technology and teach their peers.
Elementary School Technology Facilitator, ASB

Sanjana Valecha has been an elementary Technology Facilitator/Teacher at American School of Bombay for eight years, where she has also worked as a Web Designer. Sanjana has seen the growth of ASB’s technology integration from the pilot program with one grade level to the full school integration. As we are a laptop school, teachers and students routinely use technology to set and reach learning goals. Sanjana provides support for technology integration in the classroom and delivers professional development to staff to enhance technology learning and productivity.
IT Infrastructure Manager, ASB

Savio D’mello has been in the field of Information Technology for the past eight years and is with ASB since 2006. Although he has personally continued to learn and grow in the field, he finds nothing more awesome than watching young minds use the best technology tools to learn and achieve success. He believes that it is these daily experiences that inspire him to give his best to provide technology support.
Grade 3 Teacher, ASB

Scot is in his first year at ASB; previously he was at Hong Kong International School. Scot believes technology is a powerful enabler of constructivist learning. He’s enjoyed finding ways to help students construct meaning and share with authentic audiences and become the kinds of learners who know how to go about learning and sharing something new.
Director of Technology, ASB

Shabbi has worked for over two decades in various teaching and leadership roles in the field of educational technology. She has been at ASB since 2005. Her work is focused on the development of stakeholder ownership of the laptop/tablet program, and on the creation of technology-enriched learning environments that support our students’ acquisition of 21st century skills. She believes that intelligent integration of technology tools has the power to transform teaching/learning and to enhance and enrich our students’ learning experiences. She knows that the Un-Plugged participants will be amazed at the many examples of technology integration that they will learn about and witness.
Grade 1 Teacher, ASB

This is Susan's first year at ASB. She has taught 11 of the past 15 years overseas in Asia, Europe and Central America. She got a Masters in IT from Lesley University in 2000 which showed her, among other things, how age-appropriate technology could be in the lower elementary. She has two children and enjoys pondering how her son and daughter interact uniquely with technology. Her husband, a tech-Geek, often drags her into 'new' technologies (check out her class blog at despite her efforts to stay home and learn how to make apple pie.
Elementary School Technology Coordinator, ASB

Tim has been a technology teacher/coordinator for 26 years, the past four at The American School of Bombay. He believes that giving students access to powerful technologies creates learning environments that produce powerful ideas. Helping teachers merge the PYP Units of Inquiry with our Technology Skills Matrix provides the kind of meaningful technology integration that enriches and enhances classroom instruction.
HS Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher, ASB

Zia Parakh is a high school language arts and social studies teacher, thoroughly enjoying her first year at ASB. Born in Bombay, she studied in Bombay and in the U.S., and joined ASB after teaching for a year at a U.S. public school. Her experiences as a student and teacher have reinforced her belief in the central role of a good teacher in the classroom. Prior to joining ASB, she believed that a good teacher could make the teaching-learning process immensely meaningful and enjoyable for students with the most minimal use of technology. Her experiences at ASB have helped her realize that technology is an invaluable tool for such a teacher. Having experienced the benefits of a one-to-one laptop program, Zia wishes that every school was as fortunate as ASB in having such a wonderful tool to aid the teaching-learning process.
Audrey G., Grade 9  
Adam K., Grade 9  
Noam Z., Grade 10  
Daniel M., Grade 10  
Charlotte L., Grade 11  
Joel C., Grade 11  
Karishma G., Grade 11  
Mitul P., Grade 11  
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Sunanda V., Grade 12  
Simran K., Grade 12  
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Shwetabh G., Grade 12  



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